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The Solution

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

If my sponsor is truly doing her job, then she'll always ask of me (and she does) "So, what's the solution? I hear all of the whining and the excuses and blaming, so what’s the solution?" (Okay. So, maybe she's a little softer than that...)

UGGGGGGG! There is no solution...I just want to whine about this for a while. "Why won't you let me whine?! THEY hurt me! Do you not hear my pain? I am hurting. I am lost. I am angry. I am resentful. I am in fear. Do you not hear this?" {{stomping my feet!!!!}}

"Yes, I hear you. So, what's the solution?"

Maybe the solution is just being willing to find a solution. Maybe the solution is realizing that there's a problem and that you have a part (Whaaat? We always do, I'm sorry to break it to ya). Maybe the solution is to stop allowing THEM to live inside of your head. Maybe the solution is to take yourself out of the mix and ask God to be in control; ask for His help. Maybe that's the best you can do to begin to find a solution, stop whining and start living again.

But, to keep playing the victim won't serve you, my dear friend.


My wonderful sponsor then always comes back with gentle words.

"I love you to much to allow you to stay in victimhood. What can we do together to help you find solution?"

So blessed to have this awesome woman in my life and a program that holds me accountable and helps me find solution. Together.

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