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The Hills are Alive...Glad I Didn't Die.

We took a walk up the hillside to catch a great glimpse of last night's Summer sunset. Gorgeous!

The hills were alive (with the sound of muuuuusic) and the overwhelming scent of wild flowers. Yummy!

I (stupidly) thought it would be fun to run down the hill. {{shaking my head}}

Not one of my best thoughts for sure. All I can say, is "thank God I was sober!" for the little jaunt down. It was soooo much steeper than it looks. I would have stopped sooner, but it was so steep, my feet kept going and I couldn't stop!!!

This is exactly the kind of stunt I would have thought was a great idea when I was drinking and yet, somehow, I managed to stay alive.

Today, although it looks like I was totally out of control running downhill, I was actually able to figure out how to stay on path, one foot at a time…one step at a time…to stay on course and survive.

Just like sobriety.

One foot in front of the other.

One step at a time.

One day at a time.

In control, even when I don’t always feel like it.

While I certainly do NOT recommend running down a steep hill for kicks, it sure was rewarding to stand tall in the end and survive!

I am so deeply grateful for my sobriety and for being able to live life to it’s fullest! To appreciate sunsets and to climb mountains and freely run down them…and not die.

Yep, pretty happy about that.

Wishing you sobriety and sunsets from mountaintops,

Maria ❤️

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