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The Bubble Hour and Saving Your Own Life

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

So, this happened.

I got an email a while back from Jean McCarthy, host of the podcast called The Bubble Hour where she invites people to share their sobriety journey with her. A mutual friend had recommended that we might have a little chat to talk about our sobriety and recovery.

First of all, I learned that talking to Jean was like to talking to an old friend. Her sweet voice and compassionate ear made it easy for me to share my story.

Of course, little did she know that just an hour or so before we started recording, I was totally flipping out. I couldn’t get my microphone to work with my laptop, and because I was also pretty nervous, I found myself running around like Kermit the frog with his arms flapping around.

Thank goodness one of my very high-tech kiddos was home to help me out and I had plenty of time to think before we started. I gathered every book, photo, posters that had some kind of special meaning to me and spread it around the room, hoping for the right inspiration. I had pages of handwritten notes and I thought that, if a topic came up during our conversation, I would be ready. All I had to do was just quick peek at my stack of books and notes and maybe one of them would jar my memory to something that would make me sound really impressive and super intelligent and knowledgeable and prepared. In other words, I completely overcomplicated and over thought the entire process.

Luckily, Jean is a pro and just before she hit “record”, she said “okay, Maria, let’s just both take a deeeeep breath before we get started”. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Not once, during our conversation, did I look at my gathering of books.

Not once, did I worry about sounding impressive and super intelligent.

Not once. Here’s why.

Because no one knows my story better than I do. I am the author and owner of it and that knowledge combined with Jeanne’s tender disposition, made me feel pretty good about the words that came out.

We touched on many topics: what it was like, how I got there and what it’s like now and I found it surprising that there was a phrase that kept popping out of my mouth that was kind of new.

“You do whatever you have to do to save your own life.”

“You do whatever you have to do to save your own life.”

These are powerful words.

For some, saving your own life will include a 12-step/support group.

For some, it might mean the help of a compassionate therapist.

For some, it might mean the help of prescription medication that helps with cravings.

For some, it might mean lots of “quit lit” (and there are some reeeeealy good ones out there!).

For some, it might mean finding great social media platforms and blogs (like mine!)

For some, it might mean hitting a rock bottom that determines you to reach out and grab hold of anything that will bring you out of the depths of darkness.

But, there’s one common denominator with whatever your “something” might be.

You have to admit that you have a problem and be willing to go to any lengths, whatever that means to you, to save your own life.

I am so grateful to Jean and The Bubble Hour for allowing me to share my story so that, hopefully, it might help others find a life of sobriety, recovery, compassion and love.

Today, dear friends, do whatever you have to do to save your own life. Do what you need to do, read what you need to, talk to whoever you need to, go to whatever meeting or therapist or support group…WHATEVER you need. Do it. Save your own life.

Then, continue to do that whatever, one day at a time to save your own life.

Wishing you love and sobriety,

Maria ❤️

Click here to listen: Maria on The Bubble Hour

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