Sober Saturdays

It wasn’t that long ago that Saturday mornings used to suuuuck. I’d wake up and wonder what I might’ve said or who I might’ve hurt or what I texted/emailed or what I needed to feel shame for, all the while managing a hangover.

The combination of shame and headache made me want to run and hide from all of those ugly “feelings“. So you know what I had to do? Do you know what would make those ugly feelings go away? You got it. A drink.

I didn’t know how to live my life and face the feelings, so I drank them away. Selfishly, I thought “that’s just the way I am. Deal with it!”.

Six and a half years into recovery and every single Saturday morning now begins with a fresh start, a sense of gratitude and always, always with the stunningly, beautiful tribe of women whom I share a 12-Step meeting. They put everything into perspective for me and help me keep my eyes and heart focused on the solution. On my sobriety. On living in recovery.

I’m not alone anymore and I’ve learned how to face the feelings that used to make me drink.

I am sober today “that’s just the way I am. Deal with it!”

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