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One is never going to be enough.

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Let's be real.

One will only get the ball rolling. No matter how I try to control it, I won't be able to. No matter how hard I try. How much will power I try to use. How much I swear that "this time it will be different". It won't.

Let's be real.

One is not where this will end. I won't slowly enjoy one and be able to drink like a lady. There will be others and nothing good will come from it.

Let's be real.

There is a solution...and, it ain't in the bottom of pretty glass or long-neck bottle.

There is a solution...and, if I'm really honest, open and willing to do the work, I don't ever have to drink again.

There is a solution. There is help. There is joy. There is grace.

There are miracles!

So, if one is never enough...choose none.

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