• Sober Blessings

My life depends on this.

“You’re going to another meeting? Aren’t you done yet?”

These are words I hope I never hear from my family.

They know that my work will never be done.

They know that there will always be one more meeting.

They know that there will always be one more phone call to take and people to share my “experience, strength and hope”.

They know that there will always be a revolving door of sponsees coming through our home (or on my laptop!).

They know that most of the area on my desk will be covered with recovery books and materials.

They know that at Noon every day they will find me at a meeting.

They know at some point during the day I will probably quote the Big Book or share some nugget that I’ve heard in a meeting.

They know that I will set boundaries for myself.

They know that I’m not going to drink today.

They know that they like this version of me so much more than the one who existed in isolation and depression seven years ago.

They know that they can trust me when I say “I promise”.

They know that my sobriety will always be the most important thing in my life…not to say that THEY aren’t important…but, they know that without my sobriety, I have nothing. Not them. Not my joy. Not confidence. Not a clear head. Nothing.

I work really hard for my recovery, and what I’ve learned is that the harder I work, the easier my life is! The Steps have given me direction that I didn’t have before. A game plan for life.

I work my program of recovery so that I can share the gift which was so freely and generously given to me.

I work my program of recovery because my family depends on me.

I work my program of recovery like my life depends on it ~ because my life depends on it.

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