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I would have missed my whole life...

September is National Recovery Month.

I am so grateful for the life that recovery has given me.

Living a life where I am fully alive is so much better than living the lie of alcohol. Alcohol had tried to fool me into believing that IT would give me a better life. It fooled me into thinking that I was more fun, that I was having more fun, that people would like me better, that I was a better mom. My heart literally hurts that I allowed alcohol to fool me for so long.

The reality is that alcohol allowed me to hide from my own life. I hid from myself and certainly from those I loved. But today, I don’t hide anymore. Recovery has given me a life where I am the truest version of myself which in return, has given me the truest relationships I’ve ever known. My friends and family have witnessed this version of me who continuously lives a life grounded in my program. A life of rigorous honesty and definitely a life of service.

One of my favorite recovery expressions is “I can’t keep it if I don’t give it away”. So, I keep learning and growing and giving…and in return, I keep receiving. I receive friendship and love and opportunities to dive deeper and deeper into my own life. I work my recovery program like my life depends on it, because, guess what? My life depends on it! I share openly and willingly with all of you so that my life, past and present, can off you experience, strength and hope. If you are lost today, please know this…you are not alone. There is help, there is a life beyond what you know and you too, can find yourself again.

I am so grateful for my recovery. I am so grateful for the Steps which have guided me back, not only to recovery, but to myself, my family, my friends and especially my God.

I am so grateful for my recovery and that today, I don’t have to miss one breath of my life! God has given me relief from the bondage of my disease…one day at a time…just for today.

With so much love and gratitude,


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