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I thought alcohol made me a better mom...the podcast

Updated: May 28, 2020

If I have to credit anyone for really helping me find the courage up to speak my truth about my sobriety and recovery, it would be my friend, John. Last April, he invited me to be a guest on his Sober Speak podcast. We talked about so many things: my love my homestate (Michigan), my frustration with the way the wine industry markets to women and mommies, what brought me to that "jumping off point", how I work the steps of AA with my awesome sponsor, Susan, and the incredible friendships I have found in recovery. A life bigger and better than I have ever known.

What a gift this podcast has been to me. To be able to tell my story and then share it with those I love most in the world, has brought so much healing, growth and explanation. I owed them that explanation. They didn't understand how I had been brought from a place of drinking socially to a place where I had become a hostage of alcohol. It must have been totally mindboggling and terrifying for them to live through the horror of watching me become so completely powerless. So having the opportunity to tell my story and give my family a little more insight was a blessing like no other.

This podcast is a story of true recovery and day at a time. Please take a listen (episode 75) and then hop over to John's Facebook page and his website to hear more than 100 episodes and stories of experience, strength and hope.

With so much gratitude and love to John and Sober Speak,


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