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I don't need a mim-moment, Tropicana

Hold on a Mim-oment, Tropicana!

Was someone drunk when they dreamed up this ad campaign?

Seriously, what were they thinking?

Tropicana orange juice completely crossed the line with their new ad campaign featuring celebrities Molly Sims, Gabrielle Union and Jerry O’Connell, each with booze filled, incognito refrigerators hidden in bathrooms, disguised in closets and even in a garage tool case with all the fixings for creating mimosa “mim-oments”. All this, in an effort to help parents escape from the daily life of Covid and parenting. Brilliant, right? I mean, what could be wrong with hidden stashes of alcohol and drinking in secret used to escape your children?

In an ad, now curiously absent from her Instagram page, actress Molly Sims explains to the viewer the term “Mim-oment”:

“It’s when you hide in your closet and you pretend like you have a hamper, but it’s actually a minifridge.”

She turns and shows the camera her refrigerator filled with champagne and OJ and then adds:

“It’s amazing. It’s so I can be a better mom. The best mom.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? And, no one spotted this as a problem?

Oh, dear, dear…

Gabrielle Union makes her appearance as she sneaks off, in her robe, to her bathroom – presumably in the morning – to begin mixing up a morning cocktail of orange juice and sparkling wine hidden in her vanity.


And, Jerry O’Connell gets sneaky in his garage with a fake tool box/refrigerator filled with, you guessed it, OJ and a bottle of bubbly.


Hear me out on this, Tropicana. When people hide in their closets and drink a secret stash of alcohol to be a “better mom ~ The best mom”, um, that’s called a problem. A big problem and you are adding to the illusion that this is normal. Newsflash! It’s not.

Alcohol consumption is growing at intense and alarming rates – especially among women! It’s constantly being marketed to moms as a cure, or at the very least, a cute, innocent escape, from the realities of mom life…especially Covid mom life. Women are being sold the idea that they deserve this escape. That they need this escape. That they will be a “better mom” if they hide in a closet and get sh*tfaced!

Been there. Done that. You know what that’s called? Addiction.

Well, guess what, Tropicana? We’re better than that.

You know why this makes me itch? Why I feel they crossed the line?

Because it brings me right back to a time when I hid bottles of wine in my own closet.

In boots.

In bags.

In pockets.

Any place to hide my drinking from my family. Right there in my closet where I would run away to in order to escape from the stressful parts of my life. Where I hid from family and friends and completely lost myself to alcoholism. What started out as an easy way to chill out for a bit, quickly became an ever-present part of my world (or my closet) and eventually, to my very own rock bottom.

Normal drinkers don’t do this. They don’t hide their alcohol. They don’t drink in secret.

Alcoholics and people with alcohol problems, on their way to addiction ~ they do.

So, Tropicana, I don’t need to take a mim-oment with alcohol in order to be a parent. I don’t need a mim-oment to be a better mom…not even during an epidemic! I don’t need a mim-oment to hide from my family and I don’t need a mim-oment to drink in secret.

What I need ~ what my family needs ~ is a mom who is strong enough to kick Covid’s a$$ WITHOUT alcohol. WITHOUT hiding. WITHOUT escaping and running away from my family. WITHOUT drinking in secret and isolation. They need a sober mom.

My family needs, wants and deserves a mom whose head isn’t cloudy from alcohol. They deserve a mom who is there for them in every sense of the word. There for them.

Today, I don't turn to alcohol to fill a void and I certainly don't run away and escape my mommy responsibilities and my family who need me. Today, I have tools to help me cope with and LOVE my life. Today, I have a program of recovery and other sober mamas in my life who love me and cheer me from the rooms of AA. Today, almost seven years sober, I never hide anymore; rather, I work the Steps with my sponsor...the Steps that save my life and taught me to LIVE!

Actually, I can take care of my family without the aid of alcohol. So, just hold on a mim-oment, Tropicana, and stick to being a healthy breakfast drink rather than giving the world the impression that we need a mim-oment of hiding and secrets to survive parenthood.

We don’t.

We’re better than that.

Attempting to normalize alcohol dependence is just plain irresponsible and dangerous because for someone who might be questioning their own relationship with alcohol, it’s harder to believe that they might actually need help. It makes it harder for them to dig deep and look closer at their alcohol intake when it’s just deemed a normal way to cope with life and stress.

Stress. Hiding. Isolation and secrets. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Shame on you, Tropicana.

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