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Here We Go Again.

Happy 2022!

If you're like me, you celebrate the new year, but the truth is this is just another day. Another one day at a time to add to my other one day at a times.

Christmas. Birthdays. Weddings. Forth of July. Yes, I celebrate those days, but again, just another day. Just another day that I don't pick up a drink.

If you're new here and new to sobriety, I beg of you to not get caught up in the "how am I gonna stay sober the rest of my life/year/month/week/day thing?". Today. We're going to stay right here. Right now.

Today is January 1. We're going to stay right here in January 1 and worry about January 2 on January 2. But just for today, we're not going to pick up that drink.

So celebrate the new year! There's so much to celebrate.

Here we go day at a time.

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