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Happy Birthday, Sober Blessings!

This month marks Sober Blessings ONE YEAR birthday!!

Sober Blessings was a brainstorm that had been just waiting to come alive. The words were “right there”, but I just didn’t have the nerve to out myself an alcoholic and tell you who I really am. I mean, the only way I truly felt like I could be transparent, honest and real with this blog was to be transparent, honest and real, right? Which included showing you that yes, I am a REAL alcoholic and I had to be willing to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s the only way this blog was going to work for me.

It felt like every day, there were lots of little thoughts scurrying around and although I really wanted to get them down on paper, I just never found the time…or the nerve.

But, I really wanted…eh-hem, NEEDED, a place to get my ideas and thoughts and stories and encouraging words outside of me and out to others who might just feel the same. Honestly, it was like living inside of a giant itch and the only relief was to be able to write them out.

But, dang, that’s scary. It’s scary to put your life “out there” and it definitely was something I thought long and hard about. Much praying and many little chats with God were involved until, one day, I just did it. Rip off the band-aid!




What did I just do?


But, somehow, you came.

You read.

You commented.

You inspired me.

When I began this journey, it really was because I was feeling so squirrely and needed the outlet of putting my thoughts out there to the internet universe and begin to digest the words and thoughts.

Writing, for me, has become this beautiful form of an electronic journal where I can empty myself out and suddenly, I can breathe. It’s the most amazing gift.

Friends, I am so, so grateful to have formats where I can express myself and share with you a bit about my life in recovery. I am eternally grateful when you write me or comment or “like” a post. It’s like receiving a little hug each time and, from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you.

YOU, who have allowed me to come into a little part of your world.

YOU, who have encouraged me to keep being honest and sharing.

YOU, who have given me the courage to hit “send” with each blog post.

YOU, who keep me growing and learning.

YOU, who make me want to wake up with a new enthusiasm for recovery and growth.

YOU, who help super-charge my program so that I stay sober.

Thank you, sweet friends.

Thank you for allowing Sober Blessings to come alive. I am ever so grateful!

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