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A Visual History of Alcoholics Anonymous

So excited that this little baby came in the mail today!

Never have I been as proud to be a Detroiter than I am now.

This tiny souvenir book was created to celebrate AA’s 85th International Convention…that didn’t happen. (Thank you, Covid. {{erg}})

Not only is this book a visual history of AA, but it also includes a beautiful portrayal of the city of Detroit’s contribution and historic importance to our program.

Did you even know that there is “The Detroit Prayer”?

Our Heavenly Father,

We ask Thy Blessings on this meeting.

Please Bless the Spirit and purpose of this group.

Give us strength to follow this program according to Thy will and in all humility.

Forgive us for yesterday and grand us

Courage for today and

Hope for tomorrow.


(Opening AA meeting prayer, Detroit, circa 1945)

AA was even featured on the radio waves of Detroit’s legendary station, WWJ which held a weekly radio program called The Glass Clutch. It was this medium which allowed anonymous local alcoholics to share their experience, strength and hope. The announcer would close the conversation by addressing the audience to say “Alcoholism is a disease – an obsession – an allergy.”

Soon after, a local Detroit television show called Mr. Hope made its way into area homes. In order to protect their anonymity, AA members would appear wearing Lone Ranger-style masks!

This is just one small chapter in this wonderful book of 394 pages. So much information squeezed in here regarding the special people who inspired AA and got the program up and running. History about how AA has grown, it’s membership and how it works throughout the globe.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed thumbing through and learning so much (some never before published!) about our program. It is full of wisdom and history exactly as its title states: A Visual History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

For more information go to or your local Intergroup.

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